Patricia M. Jacobs, Patient Testimonial

In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; in 2008, after a mastectomy, I completed chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In 2010, after a mammogram, cancer cells were again detected in my left breast and after radiation therapy, I am again cancer free. However, “cancer free” does not mean pain free.  Since my cancer treatment in 2008, I have been in constant pain, ranging from moderate to severe.  I was referred to physical therapy and lymphedema management where I met my “physical therapy angels.” I call them angels because Katalin Domotorffy and Karen Evans treat me with so much compassion and respect that they go way beyond what I perceive physical therapy to be.

On my first appointment, in addition to typical “range of motion assessments,” Katalin gave me simple exercises to start at home, but she also gave me what I consider a true miracle. She gave me a “gel petal” to put on my breast. I had no expectations because of the severe pain I was in. I found IMMEDIATE RELIEF! After leaving it on, it actually molded to my breast and became like my skin. That moment when there is no pain or drastic reduction in pain is like no other!!! Yes, I still have my “pain days,” but I know that I can control it. The more I use them, the more it seems like my skin where it was burned from radiation is improving. I find the petals to be lightweight; I forget that they are there and very often, I sleep with them still in place. They are so easy to wash – either by hand or I toss them in my washing machine on a gentle cycle. The best part is that I am decreasing the amount of pain medication that I take every day. I am looking forward to the rest of my life!

With My Sincere Gratitude,
Patricia M. Jacobs
New Jersey

Katalin Domotorffy, PT, OCS, CLT Testimonial

I have found the ALPS Gel Petal to be one of the most useful tools in providing much needed relief to patients recovering from breast cancer surgery and radiation. When placed over the sensitive or painful scar tissue and radiated area, the ALPS Gel Petal conforms to the body and provides a very soft, comfortable, easy to use barrier that not only protects the skin, but provides instant relief of any discomfort.

This is amazing!” “This is miraculous!” “I have no more pain!” 

This is the consistent response we get from our patients when they try the ALPS Gel Petal. With relief of pain, most women return to higher level of function in a shorter amount of time.

  Katalin Domotorffy, PT, OCS, CLT
New Jersey

Karen Evans, PTA, CLT  Testimonial

I have seen gel petals help my patients by healing wounds, softening thick scars, decreasing red skin after radiation therapy, and drastically reducing pain.

I would recommend the gel petal for any patient with these needs.

Karen Evans, PTA, CLT
New Jersey

Barbara Feder, Patient Testimonial

I am a three-time breast cancer survivor. My first lumpectomy was in the year 2000, my 2nd in 2006 and then a mastectomy in 2008. Needless to say my body is a roadmap of scars! I have also developed lymphedema on my left arm. Oh, and I had two C-Sections, 36 and 33 years ago. I have been using the Gel Petals on my scars for less than a month now and have had remarkable results! Aside from them visibly reducing and softening the scar tissue, they are extremely comfortable. They are also helping to smooth the scars so the lymph fluid can flow more easily, thereby reducing the size of my arm. Thanks so much for your hard work and desire to help the many people suffering from post -operative scars.

Barbara Feder
New Jersey