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Anterior Posterior Tapered Cushion Liner – APFR

The ALPS™ AP Tapered Liner is gradually tapered from the anterior to the posterior to provide superior comfort. This liner is available in a pin and lock system or suction suspension. The AP Tapered Liner features our black high performance fabric with gel to assist in reducing bunching in the popliteal region.

ALPS Anterior Posterior Tapered Cushion Liner includes the following:

  • Tapered - 6mm Anterior to 3mm Posterior
  • Reduces bunching in the popliteal region
  • High performance black fabric
Contact ALPS today at 1-800-574-5426 to learn more about the Anterior Posterior Tapered Cushion Liner or to find out more about the wide variety of prosthetic liners, locking devices, sleeves, and skin care products we have available.

Product Number

  • Anterior Posterior Tapered Cushion Liner, 6mm to 3mm tapered

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