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Case History #1

Several patients have reported seeing significant beneficial effects from ALPS EasyGel liners. The antioxidant-rich gel helps calm and sooth the skin while effectively eliminating free radicals and hydroxyl groups that cause further damage. Clinical trials are currently being conducted all over the nation to better understand the effects that these antioxidants have on the skin.

The following case history has been provided as anecdotal evidence of some of the positive results that many users have experienced. A local hospital called Jim McElhiney, a CPO in Nashville TN to evaluate this patient: a severe diabetic, insulin dependent with compromised vascularization.

The first two pictures were taken prior to the fitting by Jim McElhiney. The patient had been out of her prosthesis for three weeks and was being treated with wet and dry dressings. She was then fit with an Easyliner Cushion Gel Liner and EasySleeve Sealing Gel Sleeve; creating a suction suspension system.

case study #1

Case history provided by Jim McElhiney,
CPO - Nashville O&P

Case History #2

ALPS Easyliner contains an antioxidant that is an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups.

Beneficial effects to the skin of patients have been reported.

Clinical trials are under way at prominent clinics in the Midwest and the West Coast of the United States.

This case history has been provided here as anecdotal evidence of the benefits that some patients have reported.

This patient has been diagnosed with contact dermatitis. He followed the simple cleaning procedures as recommended by the manufacturer. When that wasn’t enough, he started using our product, and these are the results.

case study #1

Case history provided by Wayne Sadler,
CPO – Kentucky O & P