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Easyliner Cushion Gel Liner - ELFR

The Easyliner Cushion Liner is especially useful for patients with sensitive skin tissue and skin irritation issues. Its soft gel texture is formulated with ALPS EasyGel to offer users a gentle and soothing alternative to traditional gel liners. The ELFR contains a rich blend of antioxidants that help promote healthy skin by effectively preventing and repairing damage caused by free radicals and hydroxyl groups. This unique quality enables the ELFR to be a superior choice for vascular patients, severe diabetics, and users with grafted skin or adherent scar tissue.

Also available as a locking liner, Easyliner Gel Locking Liner - ELDT

The Easyliner Cushion Gel Liner offers the following:

  • Can be purchased as either a cushion or locking liner
  • Maximum durability with reinforced seams
  • Outstanding elongation
  • High performance fabric for increased versatility
  • Facilitated donning process for patients
  • Available in three thicknesses

Numerous patients have reported seeing positive results with the Easyliner Gel Liner and several clinical trials are currently under way to study these effects. Case History #1 and #2 demonstrate some of the benefits users have experienced from our unique ELFR prosthetic liner.

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Please see our Size Chart for a full list of sizing options.

Product Number

  • ELFR-XX-3
  • ELFR-XX-6
  • ELFR-XX-6/3
  • ELDT-XX-3
  • ELDT-XX-6
  • ELDT-XX-6/3
  • Easyliner Cushion Liner, 3mm
  • Easyliner Cushion Liner, 6mm
  • Easyliner Cushion Liner, 6/3mm tapered
  • Easyliner Locking Liner, 3mm
  • Easyliner Locking Liner, 6mm
  • Easyliner Locking Liner, 6/3mm tapered

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