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Extreme Cushion Gel Liner – AKFR

The Extreme Cushion Prosthetic Liner was specifically designed to meet the needs of transfemoral and active transtibial amputees. With 80% less vertical stretch than our other gel liners, the AKFR is made to withstand the demands of high activity users. Manufactured with ALPS GripGel or High Density Gel, this liner contains properties that have been specially formulated to assist patients with donning and suspension.

Also available as a locking liner, Extreme Gel Liner - AKDT and AKDTHD

ALPS Extreme Cushion Gel Liner includes the following:

  • Limited vertical stretch reduces movement of redundant tissue
  • One year warranty with the purchase of one and two year warranty with two
  • Available as a cushion or locking liner
  • Offered in 3mm and 6mm uniform thicknesses

For best results, the Extreme cushion liner should be used with healthy skin tissue only. Patients with grafted skin or adherent scar tissue should consider using a prosthetic liner formulated with ALPS EasyGel, which helps promote skin health

Contact ALPS today at 1-800-574-5426 to learn more about the Extreme Gel Liner or to find out more about the wide variety of prosthetic liners, locking devices, sleeves, and skin care products we have available.

Please see our Size Chart for a full list of sizing options.

Product Number

  • AKFR-XX-3
  • AKFR-XX-6
  • AKDT-XX-3
  • AKDT-XX-6
  • Extreme Cushion Liner, 3mm uniform
  • Extreme Cushion Liner, 6mm uniform
  • Extreme Cushion Liner with High Density Gel, 3mm uniform
  • Extreme Cushion Liner with High Density Gel, 6mm uniform
  • Extreme Locking Liner, 3mm uniform
  • Extreme Locking Liner, 6mm uniform
  • Extreme Locking Liner with High Density Gel, 3mm uniform
  • Extreme Locking Liner with High Density Gel, 6mm uniform

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