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General Purpose Locking Gel Liner - GPDT

The General Purpose GPDT is a multipurpose prosthetic liner built to withstand the normal wear-and-tear of daily activities. Its high performance fabric and reinforced seams allow it to be one of the most durable and versatile liners available today. Formulated with ALPS GripGel, the GPDT consists of a slightly tacky texture that enables the liner to conform to the user’s limb and remain in place without restricting the patient’s blood flow.

Also available as a cushion liner, General Purpose Liner - GPFR

ALPS General Purpose Locking Gel Liner provides the following:

  • Distal end encapsulation retrofits most competitors’ liners
  • Two year warranty with the purchase of two General Purpose gel liners
  • High performance fabric with reinforced seams for maximum durability
  • Available in 3mm uniform and 6mm uniform thicknesses
  • Slightly tacky feel of the gel liner minimizes bunching in the popliteal region
  • Offered as either a locking or cushion liner

Due to the nature of the GripGel, the General Purpose Locking Liner should be used with healthy skin tissue only. Patients with adherent scar tissue, severe diabetes, grafted skin, or other sensitive skin concerns should consider using one of our EasyGel prosthetic liners.

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Please see our Size Chart for a full list of sizing options.

Product Number

  • GPDT-XX-3
  • GPDT-XX-6
  • GPFR-XX-3
  • GPFR-XX-6
  • General Purpose Locking Liner, 3mm uniform
  • General Purpose Locking Liner, 6mm uniform
  • General Purpose Cushion Liner, 3mm uniform
  • General Purpose Cushion Liner, 6mm uniform

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