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Easyliner Cushion Gel Liner

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ALPS Lubricant – PA604

ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant is made up of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol it is used to help in donning silicone prosthetic liners. It allows the patient to don the liner or sheath easily while eliminating the sticky feel.

Recommended for use with:

  • Gel liners (thermoplastic) – All ALPS Gel Liners
  • Silicone - CLEARPRO
  • Urethane

The PA604 is available in a 16 oz. bottle. Contact us today at 1-800-574-5426 to request more information on ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant or to learn more about the various sensitive skin care products we have available. We offer a wide range of skin care items created especially for prosthetic patients, such as protective ointment, spray lubricant, anti-perspirant, and gentle cleanser.

Product Number

  • PA604
  • 16 oz. bottle