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Skin Reliever - ENCP

The ALPS Skin Reliever eliminates shear forces, friction, and prevents abrasions on the skin of the stump. It has both superior comfort and durability combined. It also accommodates volume fluctuations over the life of the prosthesis. There is superior elongation for very little compression against the skin. There is no need to make a new socket; ALPS Skin Reliever can be worn under silicone, gel, and pelite liners.


  • Contains a special blend of antioxidants that are meant to prevent
    and repair damaged skin caused by free radicals
  • Replaces pelite and socks
  • High Elasticity
  • Reduces shearing and abrasions
  • Softens and soothes skin

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Product Number

  • Skin Reliever, Tapered from 3mm - 1.5mm

Measurements taken 6cm from the distal end.

Measured Size(cm)


10 - 19cm

20 - 27cm

28 - 31cm