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Smart Seal Locking Liner – SADT

The ALPS™ Smart Seal Liner features raised bands that grip the socket wall to form a secure interface. The low modulus bands stretch against the socket wall, while the smooth inner wall conforms easily to the residual limb. The Smart Seal Liner has a new seamless knitted construction with a modern look and is available in locking and cushion suspension. The locking version features a new distal construction to control distal distraction.

Transfemoral (SA) rings begin 4.95 inches from the center of the distal end.

Also available as a cusion liner, Smart Seal Liner - SAFR & SBFR

ALPS Smart Seal Locking Liner includes the following:

  • New seamless knitted construction
  • Only available in HD Gel
  • Available in locking and cushion suspension in 3mm or 6mm uniform thickness

Contact ALPS today at 1-800-574-5426 to learn more about the Smart Seal Liner or to find out more about the wide variety of prosthetic liners, locking devices, sleeves, and skin care products we have available.

Product Number

  • SADT-XX-3
  • SADT-XX-6
  • Transfemoral Locking Liner with High Density Gel, 3mm uniform
  • Transfemoral Locking Liner with High Density Gel, 6mm uniform

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