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Thermoliner Custom Cushion Gel Liner - TFFR

The Thermoliner Custom Cushion Liner is one of the most universal prosthetic liners available today. Formulated with ALPS EasyGel, the TFFR consists of a thermoformable gel that enables it to be individually shaped and molded within any prosthetic and orthotic facility. This feature is especially useful for prosthetists looking to create customized liners for patients with difficult shapes and sizes, symes and knee disarticulation, and transfemoral and transtibial amputees.

Also available as locking, Thermoliner Gel Liner - TFDT

The Thermoliner Custom Cushion Gel Liner offers users the following:

  • Works in conjunction with valve suction socket systems
  • Presents solution for virtually any type of patient
  • Durability
  • Offered in either 3mm or 6mm uniform thicknesses
  • Able to be donned like a sock
  • EasyGel durometer and contour provide maximum comfort and support

The Thermoliner is available in either a cushion or locking liner and comes in a wide variety of sizes. Case History #1 and Case History #2 demonstrate some of the positive results many users have experienced.

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Please see our Size Chart for a full list of sizing options.

Product Number

  • TFFR-XX-3
  • TFFR-XX-6
  • TFDT-XX-3
  • TFDT-XX-6
  • Thermoliner Cushion Liner, 3mm uniform
  • Thermoliner Cushion Liner, 6mm uniform
  • Thermoliner Locking Liner, 3mm uniform
  • Thermoliner Locking Liner, 6mm uniform

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