ALPS Gel making the difference

Prosthetic liners and sleeves provide the interface between the residual limb of the amputee and the socket, one of the many elements that make up a prosthetic leg: their aim is to provide the user with consistent and reliable comfort, control and stability.

As liners and sleeves are in direct contact with the skin of the residual limb, they act as a second skin for the amputee. It is therefore extremely important that the material they are made of is gentle and skin friendly, to avoid irritating the skin and to minimize any issues related to amputation and the need to wear a prosthetic device.

ALPS expertise in the field of chemistry and our position as a leading manufacturer of advanced gel-based medical devices have led to the development of a wide range of prosthetic liners and sleeves over the years, characterized by an innovative and unique product:  our gel.



ALPS offers different types of gels to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market and to satisfy the specific, individual needs of each patient, according to his or her clinical conditions and lifestyle.

Our gels provide optimal protection against both shear and other normal stresses and ensure a perfect combination of control and even pressure distribution within the socket.

ALPS Gel is a patented material exclusively manufactured by Alps.

The variety of ALPS GELs allows each individual patient to find a unique, perfect fit:

  • EasyGel was the first we developed.  Characterized by a soft and powdery texture and enriched with antioxidants promoting skin healing benefits, EasyGel reduces skin breakdown and improves comfort, making it ideal for patients with sensitive or scarred skin (geriatric, diabetic, and dysvascular patients).


  • High Density Gel- silicone equivalent has a dense and firm texture. Its relatively firm consistency combines comfort with control and stability. It’s recommended for dynamic patients as well as for those who are transitioning from a silicone liner to a gel liner.


  • Grip Gel features a smooth and tacky texture that helps in reducing bunching in the popliteal area, and is recommended for patients with healthy skin tissue.


All ALPS Gels are characterized by a lower modulus of elasticity.

This means that ALPS Gels are more stretchable and expand and regain shape easier than silicone under compression.

The low modulus of elasticity, or ease of stretch, is a beneficial property for dysvascular patients because it conforms to the pressure point without restricting blood flow, while providing optimum compression, stability, freedom of movement and secure suspension for both above and below the knee amputees. At the same time, it provides extended durability to both liners and sleeves.


What ALPS gels offer in summary:

  • Comfort: different degrees of elasticity provide a high level of adaptability and customization
  • Extreme versatility: conforms to the shape of the residual limb
  • Universal use: different gels designed to fit the various specific needs of geriatric, diabetic, traumatic and active patients for any level of activity
  • Ease of stretch: ensures the right amount of compression without restriction of blood flow
  • Reduces shear forces: the adhesion and cushioning of gel absorbs friction on the skin






All these features have as their goal a single, very simple and extremely important concept: the well-being at 360° for each lower limb amputee, that can find in the variety of ALPS gels his own second skin.