• Prosthetic liners and sleeves provide the interface between the residual limb of the amputee and the socket, one of the many elements that make up a prosthetic leg: their aim is to

  • As we age, stretching becomes even more important. I integrate it into my routines, whether before or after a training session, or after a race. Stretching plays a vital role in my

  • In the period immediately following amputation surgery, the medical personnel will be in charge of making sure the wound heals correctly and completely, telling you exactly what yo

  • Being able to adequately manage volume variations in the residual limb is essential for being able to comfortably and safely wear a prosthesis. Size variations of the limb can have

  • The lack of perfect adherence of the socket to the residual limb may result in the phenomenon commonly known as “pistoning” (axial movement between the residual limb and the prosth

  • CHOOSE YOUR LINER FIND YOUR IDEAL LINER IN 5 EASY STEPS Simple. Accurate. Always at hand. Choose your liner<sup>TM</sup> allows you to identify the best prosthetic solu

  • Our friend Mira, one of the world’s 800  best off-road triathletes, will be participating in XTERRA World Championship 2021, the world’s premier off-road triathlon! In 2010 he