ALPS Prosthetic Ointment is a vitamin A and D formulation that soothes and protects the skin. It may be applied nightly after the prosthesis has been removed, or during the day to the residual limb under a silicone liner. In order to reduce shear forces ointment can be applied at the proximal edge of the liner, fibular heads, patella or condyles if necessary.

Recommended for use with:
  • Silicone – CLEARPRO
  • Urethane
Not recommended for use with:
  • Gel liners (thermoplastic) – All ALPS Gel Liners
  • May deteriorate Gel over time.

Product Number

PO840  Prosthetic Ointment, 4oz tube

PO840 BX12  Prosthetic Ointment, 4oz tube, box of 12