ALPS prosthetic gel liner EZ Flex allows user ease of knee flexion through an unlimited restriction of stretch anteriorly.

Posteriorly the fabric has 80% less vertical stretch which reduces the bunching in the popliteal region.

The ALPS EasyGel contains antioxidants that help promote skin health, which also provides comfort and durability.

Features and applications

  • Two types of fabric with different elasticity for easier knee flexion
  • Distal ends are proportionate to the size of the liner for ease of donning
  • Contains an antioxidant for use on amputees with delicate skin
  • With distal attachment for pin and lock suspension systems

Product Number

EZF-XX-3 EZ Flex Locking Liner, 3mm uniform

EZF-XX-6 EZ Flex Locking Liner, 6mm uniform

XX indicates size, see sizing chart


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