ALPS PSI Liner allows the suspension sleeve to seal on the liner just proximal to the trim lines of a transtibial socket.

The fabric cover located distally allows the air to wick out of the prosthesis.

ALPS EasyGel provides comfort and durability while combining strength, softness, and elasticity.

The PSI can be used in conjunction with a current valve suction or vacuum systems being used in the market today.

Features and applications

  • Exposed gel portion allows for means of sealing
  • Terrycloth fabric located distally to act as air wick
  • Works with elevated vacuum systems currently available in the market
  • Contains an antioxidant for use on delicate skin

Product Number

PSI-XX-6 Proximal Seal Interface Liner, 6mm uniform

PSI-XX-6/3 Proximal Seal Interface Liner, 6/3mm tapered

XX indicates size, see sizing chart


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