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NRG Technology® – Natural Reactive Gait – is a patented innovative, dynamic response foot technology designed to replicate the natural movement of the calf and shin muscles. Natural because, thanks to its ergonomic design, it can ensure a physiological motion, Reactive Gait because it creates an enhanced dynamic response that is maintained through the whole gait cycle.

What is a dynamic response prosthetic foot?

Dynamic Response prosthetic feet are a kind of energy-storing prosthetic feet for active prosthesis users. Dynamic response prosthetic foot stores energy during the loading phase; the energy is then released to create a push-off action.
Existing dynamic response prosthetic feet are manufactured with technologically advanced materials, like carbon fiber or fiberglass.
 Carbon fiber prosthetic feet are lighter and provide users the maximum energy storage and return; on the other hand, they feature reduced ground compliance and unsmooth rollover.
Fiberglass feet are flexible and can ensure good ground compliance and a smooth rollover, but they’re heavier and have a limited dynamic response.
In Existing Dynamic Response Feet, the movement starts from the compression of the heel spring that stores and releases energy to generate forward propulsion. In contrast, natural walking movement is initiated by the calf and shin muscles.
This is why ALPS® has featured its prosthetic feet product line with NRG, an innovative cutting-edge technology with the benefits both of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass prosthetic feet and able to overcome all the side effects of existing dynamic feet technology.

NRG Technology® for prosthetic feet: why it’s different?

ALPS® Prosthetic feet: from NRG Technology® to amputee’s benefits

ALPS BioStep® range is a breakthrough innovation among dynamic response feet.
Active users can experience a high dynamic response combined with a fluid step and stability on all terrains.
ALPS BioStep®, powered with patented NRG Technology®, is based on a biomimetic design, enabling dynamic patients to perform a wide range of activities with just one foot.
There are four models of Alps Biostep prosthetic foot powered with NRG Technology® (CL, EVO, PRO, XT) to be able to offer this cutting-edge technology to the majority of dynamic prosthetic users.
NRG Technology® features:

  • Unique multi-layer construction
  • Exclusive and patented reverse shank design
  • The advanced flexible ergonomic design including split toe
This biologically accurate technology for energy storage and return allows to combine the features of the hi-end carbon fiber dynamics with the fiberglass rollover with multiple benefits for all active people using a prosthetic foot:

  • Physiological and energy-efficient gait
  • Smooth rollover during the whole gait cycle
  • High dynamic response to support an active lifestyle
  • Ground compliance and stability on all terrains
  • Lightweight
  • Wide range of activities with just one single foot
  • Reduction of secondary issues thanks to a more balanced posture and symmetrical gait
  • Low maintenance

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