ALPS PSI prosthetic liner features a proximal EasyGel portion which seals onto the sleeve for an improved suspension.

It contains an antioxidant, an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups, with beneficial effects on the skin.

It is recommended for transtibial patients with low and medium activity levels and sensitive skin.

Product Description

The PSI liner improves suspension by sealing onto the sleeves of a transtibial prosthesis.

The EasyGel provides comfort and durability, relieving the skin from the stress created by vertical and shear forces.

The antioxidant contained in the gel has beneficial effects on the skin.

Can be used in conjunction with current valve suction or vacuum systems being used on the market today.

Key Benefits

Indicated for delicate skin and diabetic patients thanks to the antioxidants contained in the gel.


Protects the residual limb thanks to the high capacity of the EasyGel to absorb vertical and shear forces.

Further relieves the skin from stress generated by shear forces thanks to its low coefficient of static friction.

The proximal area with no fabric cover seals onto the sleeve to create a secure suspension.

Technical Details



Contains antioxidants that are an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups. Best for use on amputees with adherent scar tissue, skin irritation, sensitive skin, and diabetics.
black fabric icon


Black fabric with highly reduced vertical stretch.

16-19 cm PSI16-6 PSI16-6/3
20-23 cm PSI20-6 PSI20-6/3
24-25 cm PSI24-6 PSI24-6/3
26-27 cm PSI26-6 PSI26-6/3
28-31 cm PSI28-6 PSI28-6/3
32-37 cm PSI32-6 PSI32-6/3
38-43 cm PSI38-6 PSI38-6/3
44-53 cm PSI44-6 PSI44-6/3

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