ALPS® Prosthetic Socks

Prosthetic Socks for volume change management are available in three styles, three thicknesses, three sizes, and four lengths.

ALPS offers them in single packets or the practical ALPS Socks Bundle set. The bundle includes several socks in the size and length you desire, but in different thicknesses, to allow you to handle variations in limb volume with ease and to be able to change them every day.


Product Description

ALPS prosthetic socks are light, soft, and extremely comfortable to allow a perfect fit.

Made with technologically advanced fibers that are highly effective in moisture management to wick away perspiration so it can easily evaporate.

The advanced fabric means that the socks will maintain their original quality for a long time, without getting misshapen or matting up.

Choosing the best sock to suit your needs is easy with ALPS socks’ color-coded thickness indicator: blue for 1-ply; 3-ply, yellow; 5-ply, green.


Assists with volume fluctuation.

Keeps its shape over time; minimal stretch and will not mat down.

Made with premium Coolmax® fibers to allow a cool, comfortable wear.

Light and soft, extremely comfortable.

Available in bundles.

Prosthetic Sock Options

Prosthetic Socks for volume change management are available in three styles, three thicknesses, three sizes, and four lengths.

3 Styles.

Distal hole (H)
Distal hole with plastic reinforcement (HR)
No hole (N)

3 Thicknesses.

1ply (1)
3 ply (3)
5 ply (5)

3 Sizes.

Narrow (N)
Medium (M)
Wide (W)

4 Lengths.

Extra Short (08)
Short (10)
Regular (14)
Long (18)

Prosthetic Socks (KC) Sizing Chart

8-9" (20-23cm) 5-7" (13-18cm) Narrow Extra Short KCN-08-(ply)(N/HR/H)
8-9" (20-23cm) 7-9" (18-23cm) Narrow Short KCN-10-(ply)(N/HR/H)
8-9" (20-23cm) 9-15" (23-38cm) Narrow Regular KCN-14-(ply)(N/HR/H)
8-9" (20-23cm) 15-19" (38-48cm) Narrow Long KCN-18-(ply)(N/HR/H)
9-12" (23-31cm) 5-7" (13-18cm) Medium Extra Short KCM-08-(ply)(N/HR/H)
9-12" (23-31cm) 7-9" (18-23cm) Medium Short KCM-10-(ply)(N/HR/H)
9-12" (23-31cm) 9-15" (23-38cm) Medium Regular KCM-14-(ply)(N/HR/H)
9-12" (23-31cm) 15-19" (38-480cm) Medium Long KCM-18-(ply)(N/HR/H)
12-14" (31-36cm) 5-7" (13-18cm) Wide Extra Short KCW-08-(ply)(N/HR/H)
12-14" (31-36cm) 7-9" (18-23cm) Wide Short KCW-10-(ply)(N/HR/H)
12-14" (31-36cm) 9-15" (23-38cm) Wide Regular KCW-14-(ply)(N/HR/H)
12-14" (31-36cm) 15-19" (38-48cm) Wide Long KCW-18-(ply)(N/HR/H)

Available also in bundles.  Click here to request bundle product codes.

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