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Welcome to the area of the website dedicated to professionals who provide support to wearers of prosthetic devices. Here you can find a wealth of resources ALPS has designed especially for you and your work: catalogs, instructions, tutorials, tools to aid in product selection, and much more.

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1Which is ALPS Liner Reduction Rate?
ALPS Liner Reduction Rate is 3-5% for most ALPS liners, 5-8% for the ALPS Guardian liner and 3-6% for the ALPS Smart Seal liner.
2My patient is using ALPS liners/sleeves for the first time and complained about excessive perspiration, is this normal?
Excessive perspiration is normal. It will gradually diminish over a period of two to six weeks. You also may use ALPS Anti-Perspirant (ATP008) to assist with perspiration in the meantime, but if a rash develops, discontinue its use.
3Do I trim the liner above the knee, just above the socket edge, or do I reflect the liner over the socket to provide suspension?
You can do all of the above. We recommend that you trim 1” above the edge of the socket. To trim, you may use scissors, a pizza roller or a hot knife for plastics (McMaster Carr’s Part #2453A61, tel. 1-404-346-7000). If you choose to reflect the liner over the socket, make sure that the edge of the socket is well taped or a hole may develop in the liner. (In such a case, the warranty will not apply.) For additional security, a small drop of instant adhesive on the seam directly below the trimmed edge may be used to help prevent the seam from unraveling.
4Do stains affect the performance of the liner/sleeve?
No, performance is not affected. If the stain cannot be removed with the procedures described in the Cleaning Section, it is recommended that the exposed portion of the liner/sleeve be covered with a 14” to 16” piece of stockinet.
5How do I prevent the pin from unscrewing from the locking liner's distal end?
Use Loctite type thread locking compound 242 or equivalent.
6Do ALPS liners or sleeves contain latex?
No, all of ALPS liners and sleeves are latex free.


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