ALPS® Eco Liner™


ALPS ECO Liner made of HD Gel is covered with an innovative seamless knitted fabric that ensures high levels of control and stability, improving comfort. It provides the maximum protection of the residual limb even for more active users.

It is indicated for patients with medium to high activity levels, whether with transtibial or transfemoral prostheses, and for those whose residual limbs present redundant soft tissues.

Product Description

Key Benefits

Protects the residual limb thanks to the high capacity of the HD Gel to absorb vertical and shear forces.

Ensures maximum control of the prosthetic leg and minimizes soft tissue movement thanks to the High Density Gel.

Improved comfort due to the effect of the innovative seamless knitted fabric providing areas of varying levels of elasticity.

Does not constrict the residual limb and minimizes the pistoning effect thanks to the innovative U matrix (locking version).

Technical Details



The relatively firm nature of the HD Gel combines comfort with control and stability. Best for use on highly active patients or those who are transitioning from a silicone liner to a gel liner.

20-23 cm ECDTHD20-(3 or 6) ECFRHD20-(3 or 6)
24-25 cm ECDTHD24-(3 or 6) ECFRHD24-(3 or 6)
26-27 cm ECDTHD26-(3 or 6) ECFRHD26-(3 or 6)
28-31 cm ECDTHD28-(3 or 6) ECFRHD28-(3 or 6)
32-34 cm ECDTHD32-(3 or 6) ECFRHD32-(3 or 6)
35-37 cm ECDTHD35-(3 or 6) ECFRHD35-(3 or 6)
38-43 cm ECDTHD38-(3 or 6) ECFRHD38-(3 or 6)
44-53 cm ECDTHD44-(3 or 6) ECFRHD44-(3 or 6)

Distal End Construction

The Eco Liner's distal end assembly process is unique and complex, involving several elements that fuse together to create a highly durable internal structure. This structure results in a liner that is guaranteed to provide the protection, comfort, durability, performance, and fit that users deserve.

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