ALPS SoftSil Liner


ALPS® SoftSil Liner delivers the same medical-grade qualities as our popular Silicone Pro but with enhanced features. Made with our exclusive OptiSil technology and gray fabric, it provides the perfect balance of control and comfort. With SoftSil, users can experience excellent freedom of movement without sacrificing the comfortable suspension they need for their prostheses.

Product Description

Made with pure, hypoallergenic silicone.

Features gray fabric with limited vertical stretch.

Exceptionally lightweight and promotes the skin’s natural thermoregulation.

The locking version features an innovative U-shaped matrix to limit vertical stretch while not constraining the residual limb.

Key Benefits

Offers a high degree of control and freedom of movement without sacrificing a comfortable suspension.


Reduces pistoning

Thin, lightweight, cooling, and skin-friendly.

Great option for users with delicate skin.

Technical Details

20-22 cm SSGSL-20 SSGSC-20
22-24 cm SSGSL-22 SSGSC-22
24-26 cm SSGSL-24 SSGSC-24
26-28 cm SSGSL-26 SSGSC-26
28-30 cm SSGSL-28 SSGSC-28
30-32 cm SSGSL-30 SSGSC-30
32-35 cm SSGSL-32 SSGSC-32
35-38 cm SSGSL-35 SSGSC-35
38-41 cm SSGSL-38 SSGSC-38
41-44 cm SSGSL-41 SSGSC-41
44-47 cm SSGSL-44 SSGSC-44

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