ALPS EasyLiner®


ALPS EasyLiner® is a prosthetic gel liner containing an antioxidant that is an effective scavenger of free radicals, and hydroxyl groups, with beneficial effects on the skin of the residual limb. It provides a combination of softness, strength, and cushioning thanks to ALPS EasyGel.

It is recommended for diabetic patients and those with sensitive skin whenever the comfort and the protection of the residual limb is a priority.

Product Description

Contains a prolonged-released antioxidant, an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups, with beneficial effects on the skin.

Provides the softness, strength, and cushioning from ALPS EasyGel, relieving the residual limb from the stress created by vertical and shear forces.

Further relieves the skin from stress generated by shear forces thanks to its low coefficient of static friction.

Delicately conforms to the shape of the residual limb and does not restrict blood flow.

Key Benefits

Technical Details



Contains antioxidants that are an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups. Best for use on amputees with adherent scar tissue, skin irritation, sensitive skin, and diabetics.

10-15 cm N.A. ELFR10-(3 or 6)
16-19 cm ELDT16-(3, 6, or 6/3) ELFR16-(3, 6, or 6/3)
20-23 cm ELDT20-(3, 6, or 6/3) ELFR20-(3, 6, or 6/3
24-25 cm ELDT24-(3, 6, 6/3, or 9) ELFR24-(3, 6, or 6/3, or 9)
26-27 cm ELDT26-(3, 6, or 6/3) ELFR26-(3, 6, or 6/3)
28-31 cm ELDT28-(3, 6, or 6/3, or 9) ELFR28-(3, 6, 6/3, or 9)
32-34 cm ELDT32-(3, 6, or 6/3) ELFR32-(3, 6, or 6/3)
35-37 cm ELDT35-(3 or 6) ELFR35-(3 or 6)
38-43 cm ELDT38-(3, 6, or 6/3) ELFR38-(3, 6, or 6/3)
44-53 cm ELDT44-(3, 6, or 6/3) ELFR44-(3, 6, or 6/3)

Distal End Construction

EasyLiner's distal end assembly process is unique and complex, involving several elements that fuse together to create a highly durable internal structure. This structure results in a liner that is guaranteed to provide the protection, comfort, durability, performance, and fit that users deserve.

Associated Patents:
U.S. 6,454,812
U.S. 7,709,570

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