ALPS® EasyFlex Liner


The ALPS EasyFlex prosthetic liner features two types of fabric, each with different elasticity, for easier knee flexion and enhanced control.

It contains an antioxidant, an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups, with beneficial effects on the skin.

It is recommended for diabetic and sensitive skin transtibial patients with medium to high activity levels and using a pin and lock suspension.

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Contains antioxidants that are an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups. Best for use on amputees with adherent scar tissue, skin irritation, sensitive skin, and diabetics.
beige fabric


The front features beige fabric to offer both vertical and horizontal stretch. The back features brown fabric with reduced vertical stretch.

16-19 cm EZF16-(3 or 6)
20-23 cm EZF20-(3 or 6)
24-25 cm EZF24-(3 or 6)
26-27 cm EZF26-(3 or 6)
28-31 cm EZF28-(3 or 6)
32-37 cm EZF32-(3 or 6)
38-43 cm EZF38-(3 or 6)
44-53 cm EZF44-(3 or 6)

Distal End Construction

The Easy Flex distal end assembly process is unique and complex, involving several elements that fuse together to create a highly durable internal structure. This structure results in a liner that is guaranteed to provide the protection, comfort, durability, performance, and fit that users deserve.

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