About Massimo

When Massimo was 9, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on his left heel and it was decided a month later that the limb had to be amputated immediately. Despite this, he spent a lot of time doing sports like running and pararafting. In 2018 he won the Italian Championship for both the 60-meter and the 200-meter indoor and he was contacted by the Italian Rafting Federation. Sports have always been a fundamental part of his life. It’s what saved him, making him feel like he fits in with everybody else.

After the amputation I didn't want anyone to see my prosthesis and start asking me questions. Then I asked myself if I really wanted to spend my life living in the dark and I decided to post my first picture with my runner's prosthesis: I knew that my story would have exploded publicly, which was what I really wanted because I realized that, after all, I had nothing to hide.


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